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Administration of rural tourism - Il Giardino dei Sapori

Our kitchen prides itself in offering guests traditional plates seasoned with ancient flavours of the Marche which have been passed down by generations for us to enjoy.

All dishes boast foods from our very own countryside and are accompanied by olive oil rigorously produced in our farm and wines produced in our cellar.

The taste of our homemade bread is complimented by a range of cold meats of our own production, such as ham, lonza, salami, ciauscolo and coppa.

All of our pasta is handmade, ‘pappardelle (egg pasta) with boar, tortelli (filled pasta) with cheese and cabbage, noodles with ragù and calcioni (big tortellini) with seasonal vegetables. Enjoy the tasty mixed grill, the fried mix, as well as the roast duck and the stuffed pigeon.

Finally, you can enjoy our homemade desserts, pie, ‘zuppa inglese’ (dessert made of biscuits, pudding and liquor), tiramisu’ and biscuits accompanied by “vin cotto” (cooked wine).

The dishes experienced demonstrate the traditionally healthy cooking of the Marche region, which is seasoned with flavours exclusive to its territory.

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